[Gluster-devel] [Gluster-Maintainers] Release 3.10: Testing feedback requested

Shyam srangana at redhat.com
Wed Feb 22 12:36:50 UTC 2017

This is an update to let the community know the tests that I have 
performed against 3.10 RC0 (and later with some further fixes in 3.10 

Some of this can get into the respective github testing issues that I 
filed, and I would be updating the same.

The tests were more to benchmark Gluster, but it in the course of doing 
the same, I did test out a few other things around it that should help.

- 4 servers, with 12 SAS 10K disks and 4 Intel SSDs each
- 4 clients
- All machines connected via IB gear, but tests run using IP over IB
   - Basically network bandwidth was about 15Gbps
- All machines running CentOS7.2

- Upgrade from 3.8.8 to 3.10.0rc0
- Induce required healing during rolling upgrade, to test if file health 
recovers post upgrade
   - IOW, ongoing IO during upgrade process
   - Tested on Replicate volumes only

- Created 6 types of volumes,
   NOTE: Considering the disks available not all volumes existed on the 
cluster at the same time
   - S(etup)1: Disperse 6x(4+2) on SAS JBOD disks
   - S2: AFR 2-way 18x2 on SAS JBOD disks
   - S3: Disperse 4x(2+1) on SSD disks
   - S4: AFR 2-way 6x2 on SSD disks
   - S3.1: Disperse 4x(2+1) on SAS disks
   - S4.1: AFR 2-way 6x2 on SAS disks

- Ran the following tests on the above volumes
   - gbench script (see [1])
     - Basically tests, IOZone, and smallfile based workload from 
multiple clients
     - Also does volume content and cache, purges in between tests
     - This was run on all volume combinations i.e S1-S6
     - This test was repeated on S1 and S2 with brick multiplexing turned on
   - Additional smallfile tests, (yet to put up the source for these 
tests, but here is a gist [2] (do not judge the code quality :) ))
     - Single client single thread, create/read across 
small(64KB)/medium(10MB)/large(1GB) files
       - So sort of 6 tests in total for the above
     - Single client single thread, listing across small(64KB) files 
dropping client caches between runs, and not dropping client caches 
between runs
     - This was run on all volume combinations i.e S1-S6
     - This test was repeated on S1 and S2 post enabling the new 
readdirahead and security.ima xattr caching
     - This test was repeated on S1 and S2 with brick multiplexing turned on

- Ideally I should be posting performance numbers from these tests, 
although I have them, they are not in a presentable/repeatable form, 
hence not posting numbers
   - NOTE: I will possibly anyway post it subsequently
- All tests have passed, any issues/bugs faced during testing have 
subsequently been fixed in 3.10 (there were about 4-6 bugs that I faced)

- Disperse ran with sse/avx cpu-extension (need to recheck the machines 
to be sure which)


[1] gbench test: 

[2] gist containing python code for the additional smallfile tests: 

On 02/15/2017 09:42 AM, Shyam wrote:
> Hi,
> We have some feedback on the glusterd and bitrot issues.
> I am testing out upgrade in CentOS and also doing some performance
> regression testing across AFR and EC volumes, results expected by end of
> this week.
> Request others to post updates to tests done on the issues.
> If people are blocked, then please let us know as well.
> Just a friendly reminder, we always slip releases due to lack of testing
> or testing feedback, let's try not to repeat the same.
> Current release date is still 21st Feb 2017
> Shyam
> On 02/05/2017 10:00 PM, Shyam wrote:
>> Hi,
>> For the 3.10 release, we are tracking testing feedback per component
>> using github issues. The list of issues to report testing feedback
>> against is in [1].
>> We have assigned each component level task to the noted maintainer to
>> provide feedback, in case others are taking up the task please assign
>> the same to yourself.
>> Currently github allows only issue assignment to members of the gluster
>> organization, and that is not complete or filled up as expected. So,
>> request maintainers to mention folks who would be doing the testing in
>> the issue using @<github username> or the user to assign the task to
>> themselves.
>> Feedback is expected at the earliest to meet the current release date of
>> 21st Feb, 2017.
>> Once we have the packages built, we would request the users list to help
>> with the testing as well.
>> Thanks,
>> Release team
>> [1] Link to testing issues: http://bit.ly/2kDCR8M
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