[Gluster-devel] Need inputs on patch #17985

Ashish Pandey aspandey at redhat.com
Wed Aug 23 03:37:11 UTC 2017


I have provided my comment on this patch. 
I think EC will not have any issue with this approach. 
However, I would welcome comments from Xavi and Pranith too for any side effects which I may not be able to foresee. 


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Hi Ashish, 

Following are the blockers for making a decision on whether patch [1] can be merged or not: 
* Evaluation of dentry operations (like rename etc) in dht 
* Whether EC works fine if a non-lookup fop (like open(dir), stat, chmod etc) hits EC without a single lookup performed on file/inode 

Can you please comment on the patch? I'll take care of dht part. 

[1] https://review.gluster.org/#/c/17985/ 


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