[Gluster-devel] Need help in understanding IOZone config file

Dustin Black dblack at redhat.com
Mon Oct 17 14:46:27 UTC 2016

Hi Menaka,

We test Gluster with something like this using iozone for 4GB file sizes.

iozone -t 6 -s 4g -r 4m -+m clients.ioz -c -e -+z -+n -i 0 && iozone -t 6
-s 4g -r 4m -+m clients.ioz -c -e -+z -+n -i 1

Where the clients.ioz file might look like the below for 6 clients/workers:

c0 /path/to/gluster/client/mount /path/to/binary/iozone
c1 /path/to/gluster/client/mount /path/to/binary/iozone
c2 /path/to/gluster/client/mount /path/to/binary/iozone
c3 /path/to/gluster/client/mount /path/to/binary/iozone
c4 /path/to/gluster/client/mount /path/to/binary/iozone
c5 /path/to/gluster/client/mount /path/to/binary/iozone

Dustin Black, RHCA
Senior Architect, Software-Defined Storage
Red Hat, Inc.

On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 3:48 PM, Menaka Mohan <menaka.m at outlook.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am Menaka M. I am new to this open source world. Kindly help me with the
> following query.
> I have set up the Gluster development environment with two servers and one
> client. I am trying to run the basic bench test on the Gluster cluster from
> this GitHub repo
> <https://github.com/gluster/gbench/tree/master/bench-tests/bt-0000-0001>.
> I also have IOZone installed. In that, how to generate the clients.ioz
> file (prerequisite 3) ? Does that refer to the file containing (client_name
>   work_dir    path_to_IOZone_on_client) ?
> I have read multiple blogs on how to analyze the IOZone results and also
> the performance testing section in docs. Kindly help me resolve this
> confusion. If I had asked a very basic thing, apologies. I will quickly
> learn them.
> Regards,
> Menaka M
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