[Gluster-devel] Changing DISTAF 'global_mode' variable name

M S Vishwanath Bhat msvbhat at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 15:44:58 UTC 2016

On 21 June 2016 at 12:38, shwetha <spandura at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Distaf test framework currently uses a variable 'global_mode' which is for
> selecting the mode in which the tests runs.
> When 'global_mode' is set to 'True' we run the tests with the config file
> configuration and ignores 'runs_on_volumes', 'runs_on_protocols'.
> When 'global_mode' is set to 'False' we use the configs "runs_on_volumes"
> , "runs_on_protocols", reuse_setup as specified in the doc_string or
> run_on_all_vols /run_on_all_protocols/reuse_setup:true if doc_string not
> specified , to automatically loop through all the specified configs.
> 'global_mode' is not self-explanatory on what it does. Hence it would be a
> good idea to change the name to something more appropriate.
> It can be changed to 'ignore_auto_configs'. When 'ignore_auto_configs' is
> 'True' we run the tests with config file configurations. When
> 'ignore_auto_configs' is set to 'False' we use the configs as specified in
> doc_string.
> This is one option. If any one else has more appropriate name to use
> please do suggest.

Well, I am going to suggest the same thing which I suggested before... "
*Iterative_mode*" or "iteration"

The rational is simple. The 'global_mode' (as it is today) does loop
through the possible (and permitted) volume type + mount protocol. Or in
other words, it executes each test by iterating though the gluster volume
and mount types. So in my mind it makes sense to have the flag as

Also this is exactly one part of distaf which makes it pretty much tied to
glusterfs automation. Because of the iteration distaf does over gluster
volume type and guster mount protocols when flag is unset. So setting this
flag makes it gluster independent ( more or less, still not completely). So
keeping that in mind, we can also call it "*gluster_iterative_mode*" or "
*gluster_iteration*" as well.

Best Regards,

> Regards,
> Shwetha
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