[Gluster-devel] Notes on "brick multiplexing" in 4.0

Jeff Darcy jdarcy at redhat.com
Tue Jun 16 17:31:37 UTC 2015

> Reading through that, it sounds like a well thought out approach.


> Did you consider a super-lightweight version first, which only has
> a process listening on one port for multiplexing traffic, and then
> passes the traffic to individual processes running on the server?
>   eg similar to how common IPv4 NAT does, but for gluster traffic

Yes, I thought about it.  Depending on how it's done, it could
alleviate the too-many-ports problem, but it doesn't really address
the uncontrolled contention for CPU, memory, and so on.  In a way
it would make that worse, as it's one more process to keep
switching in and out among the others.  Sure would have been nice,

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