[Gluster-devel] using GlusterFS to build an NFSv4.1 pNFS server

Rick Macklem rmacklem at uoguelph.ca
Tue Jun 2 22:18:54 UTC 2015

Jiffin Tony Thottan wrote:
> Hi Rick,
> There is already support for pNFS in gluster volumes using
> nfs-ganesha :
> http://gluster.readthedocs.org/en/latest/Features/mount_gluster_volume_using_pnfs/
> It supports normal FILE_LAYOUT architecture.
Yes, I am aware of this (although I'll admit I noticed it in the docs after I
posted the email).

Just fyi, if I wanted to set up a (near) production NFSv4.1/pNFS server, this would be
fine, but that's not me;-)
I'm interested in extending the NFSv4.1 server I've already written to do
pNFS. Why? Well, mostly because it interests me. (I've never been paid any $$
to do any of the FreeBSD NFS work I've done, so I pretty much do it as a hobby.)
If the result never works or never performs well enough to be useful for
production environments then...oh well, it was an interesting experiment.

If it ever is useful for (near) production environments, I suspect it would be
users that have set up a FreeBSD NFS server and it is outgrowing what a single
server can handle. In other words, they would come from the FreeBSD NFS server
side and not the GlusterFS side.

> Other comments are inline
> On 02/06/15 05:18, Rick Macklem wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Btw, I do most of the FreeBSD NFSv4 work.
> > I am interested in trying to use GlusterFS
> > to build a FreeBSD NFSv4.1 pNFS server.
> > My hope is that, by directing the NFSv4.1 client
> > to the host where the file resides, the client will
> > be able to do I/O on it efficiently via the NFSv3
> > server. (The new layout type called flex files allows
> > an NFSv3 server to be a storage/data server for pNFS.)
> It will be good to use gluster-nfs  as a data-server(which is more
> tightly coupled with bricks)
> CCing Anand who has better idea about flex file layout architecture
Flex file is pretty straightforward. It simply allows the NFSv3 server
to be what they call a storage server. All that it does is use a "fake"
uid/gid that is allowed rw/ro access to the file. (This implies that
the client is responsible for deciding if a user is allowed access to
the file. Not a big deal for AUTH_SYS, since the server "trusts" the
client's choice of uid/gid anyhow.)
--> As such, the NFSv3 server needs to have a small change applied to
    it to allow access via this "fake" uid/gid.

Basically, the NFSv4.1 server needs to know what the NFSv3 server's
host IP address is and what FH to use for the file on it. (I do see
the code in the NFS xlator for generating an FH, but haven't looked
much yet.) As noted below in the original post.

> > To do this, I need to be able to "poke" the
> > glusterfs server and get the following information:
> > - The NFSv3 file handle and the IP address for
> >    the host(s) the file lives on.
> >    --> Using this, I am planning on creating a layout
> >        that tells the NFSv4.1 client to use NFSv3 to
> >        do I/O on the file. (What NFSv4.1 calls a storage
> >        server, although some RFCs might call it a data
> >        server.)
> > - I hope to use the fuse interface for the NFSv4.1 metadata
> >    server.
> I don't know how much it is feasible to implement meta data server
> using
> a fuse interface.
I guess I'll find out;-). The FreeBSD NFSv4.1 server is kernel based
and exports any local file system that has a VFS/VOP interface. So,
hopefully FUSE won't provide too many surprises.
I am curious to see how well it performs.

> > If anyone can point me to the area in the GlusterFS sources
> > that I should look at to do this and/or suggest a machanism
> > for getting the above information out of the GlusterFS server,
> > please let me know.
> >
> > Also, any comments w.r.t. the above plan are welcome.
> In my opinion, a hybrid approach will better. Use the current meta
> data
> server implemented in ganesha (support for flex files is already
> added
> in ganesha)
> and might need to have some tweaks in write, read, commit api's of
> gluster-nfs. In this implementation, we should keep away
> meta-data-server from
> trusted storage pool(T.S.P) i.e a dedicated server is required for
> M.D.S
I think I answered this above. Also, I doubt ganesha-nfs is ported to

Thanks for your comments, rick
ps: Given ganesha-nfs etc, I'll understand if GlusterFS isn't interested
    in this. Any patches that I'll generate are a long way off anyhow.

> > Thanks in advance for any information, rick
> > ps: I haven't written any code yet, but I think the above
> >      might be feasible.
> You are mostly welcome in coding part :).
> If you face any issue to implement current pNFS server for gluster
> volumes , please feel free to enquire about the same.
> Regards,
> Jiffin
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