[Gluster-devel] Brick path used for gluster shared storage volume

Avra Sengupta asengupt at redhat.com
Sun Jul 5 04:46:06 UTC 2015


Today with with enabling volume set option 
cluster.enable-shared-storage, we create a shared storage volume called 
gluster_shared_storage for the user, and mount it on all the nodes in 
the cluster. Currently this volume is used for features like 
nfs-ganesha, snapshot scheduler and geo-replication to save some 
internal data required by these features. The brick path we use to 
create this shared storage is /var/run/gluster/ss_brick.

The problem with using this brick path is /var/run/gluster is a tmpfs 
and all the brick/shared storage data will be wiped off when the node 
restarts. Hence I propose using /var/lib/glusterd/ss_brick as the brick 
path for shared storage volume as this brick and the shared storage 
volume is internally created by us (albeit on user's request), and 
contains only internal state data and no user data.

We are also aware that admins sometime take backup of /var/lib/glusterd 
to save the current state of gluster. Again this shouldn't be an issue 
as the data contained in these bricks is only internal state data and is 
very minimal.

Please let me know if there are any issues or concerns with using 
/var/lib/glusterd/ss_brick as the brick path for the shared storage, and 
also suggest an alternate brick path.


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