[Gluster-devel] GlusterFS 4.0 Call For Participation

Pranith Kumar Karampuri pkarampu at redhat.com
Wed Feb 11 10:05:06 UTC 2015

On 02/10/2015 03:42 AM, Jeff Darcy wrote:
> Interest in 4.0 seems to be increasing.  So is developer activity, but
> all of the developers involved in 4.0 are stretched a bit thin.  As a
> result, some sub-projects still don't have anyone who's working on them
> often enough to make significant progress.  The full list is here:
> http://www.gluster.org/community/documentation/index.php/Planning40
> In particular, the following sub-projects could benefit from more
> volunteers:
> * Multi-network support
> * Composite operations (small-file performance)
I was thinking of an xlator for doing something similar. I will be happy 
to do this part. Post Feb though, is that fine?

> * All of the "other" stuff except code generation
> I'm not going to pretend that any of these will be easy to pick up, but
> I'd be glad to work with any volunteers to establish the necessary
> knowledge baseline.  If you want to get in early and make your mark on
> the codebase that will eventually replace some of that hoary old 3.x
> cruft, please respond here or let me know some other way.
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