[Gluster-devel] Performance improvements to Gluster Geo-replication

Aravinda avishwan at redhat.com
Mon Aug 31 07:17:18 UTC 2015

Following Changes/ideas identified to improve the Geo-replication
Performance. Please add your ideas/issues to the list

1. Entry stime and Data/Meta stime
Now we use only one xattr to maintain the state of sync, called
stime. When a Geo-replication worker restarts, it starts from that
stime and sync files.

     get_changes from <STIME> to <CURRENT TIME>
         perform <ENTRY> operations
         perform <META> operations
         perform <DATA> operations

If data operation is failed worker crashes and restarts and reprocess
the changelogs again. Entry, Meta and Data operations will be
retried. If we maintain entry_stime seperately then we can avoid
reprocessing of entry operations which are completed previously.

2. In case of Rsync/Tar failure, do not repeat Entry Operations
In case of Rsync/Tar failures, Changelogs are reprocessed
again. Instead re trigger only Rsync/Tar job for those list of files
which are failed.

3. Better Rsync Queue
Now Geo-rep has a Rsync/Tar queue called PostBox. Sync
jobs(configurable, default is 3) will empty the Post Box and feeds it
to Rsync/Tar process. Second sync job may not find any items to sync,
only first job may overloaded. To avoid this, introduce a batch size
to PostBox so that each sync jobs gets equal number of files to sync.

4. Handling the Tracebacks
Collect the list of Tracebacks which are not yet handled, and look for
posibility of handling it in run time. With this, workers crash will
be minimized so that we can avoid initializing and changelogs
reprocess efforts.

5. SSH failure handling
If Slave node goes down, the Master worker connected to it will go to
Faulty and restarts. If we can handle SSH failures intelligently, we
can reestablish the SSH connection instead of restarting Geo-rep
worker. With this change, Active/Passive switch for Network failures
can be avoided.

6. On Worker restart, Utilizing Changelogs which are in .processing
On Worker restart, Start time for Geo-rep is previously updated
stime. Geo-rep re-parses the Changelogs from Brick backend to Working
directory even though those changelogs parsed previously but stime is
not updated due to failures in sync.

     1. On Geo-rep restart, Delete all files in .processing/cache and
     move all the changelogs available in .processing directory to
     2. In Changelog API, look for Changelog file name in cache before
     parsing it.
     3. If available in cache, move it to .processing
     4. else parse it and generate parsed changelog in .processing


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