[Gluster-devel] context based defaults for volume options in glusterd

Pranith Kumar Karampuri pkarampu at redhat.com
Mon Aug 31 06:45:10 UTC 2015

      Afr needs context based defaults for quorum where by default 
quorum value is 'none' for 2-way replica and 'auto' for 3 way replica.
Anuradha sent http://review.gluster.org/11872 to fix the same. May be we 
can come up with more generic solution. The present solution remembers 
the default in volinfo->options and also written to the store. So the 
default will be shown in "volume info" output and if we want to change 
the defaults in future we will need to carefully think of all the things 
that could go wrong especially peers getting rejected because of the 
md5sum mismatch. Another way to solve the same problem is to generate 
the default value of the vme-option based on the context of the volume 
when we have to write to the volfile. In this particular case, we need 
to generate default as 'none' for 2-way-replica-count volume. and 'auto' 
for 3-replica-count volume. For volume-get command handling also we need 
to consider this dynamic default value. For implementing this, we can 
add a new member 'context_based_default_value_get()'(please feel free to 
come up with better name for the function :-) ) to the vme-table which 
can be invoked to get the default option which takes the volinfo as 
parameter at least, and not set .value i.e implicitly .value will be NULL.

This is based on earlier design detail in the comment of vme-table:
* Fourth field is <value>. In this context they are used to specify
* a default. That is, even the volume dict doesn't have a value,
* we procced as if the default value were set for it.

We just want to enhance the existing behavior with this proposed change. 
It seems more generic than the present solution in the patch. In future 
people can write their own implementations of context based default 
value generation following same procedure. Let me know your comments.


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