[Gluster-devel] Languages (was Re: Proposal for GlusterD-2.0)

Luis Pabón lpabon at redhat.com
Thu Sep 11 01:51:46 UTC 2014

I think the real question is, Why do we depend on core files?  What does 
it provide?  If we rethink how we may do debugging, we may realize that 
we only require core files because we are used to it and it is familiar 
to us.  Now, I am not saying that core files are not useful, but I am 
saying that we may be able to do most of the necessary debugging by 
other means.

For example, debugging systems running OpenStack Swift which uses Python 
stack traces has been much easier than analyzing C core files.  Just my 

I would not say that because Go, Java, Ruby, or Python do not create 
core files, that it would be hard to debug.  Instead we need to learn 
new ways of debugging.  Just my $0.02 :-)

- Luis

On 09/10/2014 09:35 PM, Justin Clift wrote:
> On 11/09/2014, at 1:47 AM, Luis Pabón wrote:
>> Hi guys, I wanted to share my experiences with Go.  I have been using it for the past few months and I have to say I am very impressed.  Instead of writing a massive email I created a blog entry:
>> http://goo.gl/g9abOi
>> Hope this helps.
> With this:
>    * Core files: I have not found a way yet to create a core file
>      which has enough information about the running goroutines.  I
>      have been able to get a core file, but most of the information
>      saved is about the Go environment running the application,
>      instead of the application itself.
> Is there a workaround, or some other approach that replaces core
> files?
> + Justin
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