[Gluster-devel] OS X porting merged

Dennis Schafroth dennis at schafroth.dk
Sat Apr 26 08:53:41 UTC 2014


I just wanted to inform that the OS X porting has been merged to masterb. There are no longer any need to use the alternative repo. Thanks to Harsha for effort on porting and for putting it through the review process. 

It can now build and run GlusterFS clients  on OS X, FUSE mounting Linux servers. This is still very new, so please test it well before using it on production system. 

On the server part we are not there yet. I have been running OS X bricks with OS X clients, but only replicated ones seems to work. Distributed ends up with duplicate file entries  in the fuse mount. 

It requires OSX FUSE (http://osxfuse.github.io/) installed. 

:-Dennis Schafroth

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