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Krishnan Parthasarathi kparthas at redhat.com
Sat Apr 26 04:09:26 UTC 2014

[Resending due to gluster-devel mailing list issue]

Apologies for the late reply. 

glusterd uses its socket connection with brick processes (where io-stats xlator is loaded) to 
gather information from io-stats via an RPC request. This facility is restricted to brick processes 
as it stands today. 

Some background ... 
io-stats xlator is loaded, both in GlusterFS mounts and brick processes. So, we have the capabilities 
to monitor I/O statistics on both sides. To collect I/O statistics at the server side, we have 

# gluster volume profile VOLNAME [start | info | stop] 
#gluster volume top VOLNAME info [and other options] 

We don't have a usable way of gathering I/O statistics (not monitoring, though the counters could be enhanced) 
at the client-side, ie. for a given mount point. This is the gap glusterfsiostat aims to fill. We need to remember 
that the machines hosting GlusterFS mounts may not have glusterd installed on them. 

We are considering rrdtool as a possible statistics database because it seems like a natural choice for storing time-series 
data. rrdtool is capable of answering high-level statistical queries on statistics that were logged in it by io-stats xlator 
over and above printing running counters periodically. 

Hope this gives some more clarity on what we are thinking. 

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> Probably me not understanding.

> the comment "iostats making data available to glusterd over RPC" - is what I
> latched on to. I wondered whether this meant that a socket could be opened
> that way to get at the iostats data flow.

> Cheers,

> PC

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> > Hi Paul,

> > I'm really not sure, if this can be done in python(at least comfortably).
> > Maybe we can tread on the same path as Justin's glusterflow in python. But
> > I
> > don't think, all the io-stats counters will be available with the way how
> > Justin's used Jeff Darcy's previous work to build his tool. I can be wrong.
> > My knowledge is a bit incomplete and based on very less experience as a
> > user
> > and an amateur Gluster developer. Please do correct me, if I can be.

> > Regards
> > Vipul Nayyar

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