[Gluster-devel] puppet-glusterfs module

James purpleidea at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 07:51:47 UTC 2013

On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 2:46 AM, Jiri Hoogeveen
<j.hoogeveen at bluebillywig.com> wrote:
> I have some hardware for testing from 8 december till 11 december. After this date I need to do some tests and make the systems production ready before 16 december.

Okay so you have 8 dec -> 11 dec free? This only gives me a very short
window to access the machines. It won't give me a big window to work
on things.

Further more, if I don't have (mostly) constant access to even simple
machines, then I can't test new features and releases...

If at some point you have some vm's that you can give me access to, or
your company wants to donate some funds, I'll most likely have a very
capable puppet-gluster for debian style os.



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