[Gluster-devel] gluster-deploy

Paul Cuzner pcuzner at redhat.com
Mon Nov 25 04:17:10 UTC 2013


Just a quick question, if you have the time..

I've got an update waiting to push out for gluster-deploy which introduces thin-provisioned LV's, on systems that support them, for the bricks.

I know we don't have vol snap yet, but I thought if I get this out early anybody who builds a cluster with the tool will have the lvm configured properly and will be able to use snapshots when they're available in gluster.

So the sanity check is therefore, does this approach make sense to you? Do you guys have any specific ways that you'd like to see the pool defined? 
Here's what I do;
1. User supplies the snapshot reserve % in the UI, so I calculate the lvsize based on this percentage and the size of the disk
2. script gets the number of extents on a free disk that will be used for the brick
3. allocate a pool to this free disk (free extents-3) - lvcreate -l $poolSize -T $vgName/$poolName
4. allocate the thin lv based on the snapshot space reserve setting in the ui - lvcreate -V $lvSize -T $vgName/$poolName -n $lvName

this seems to work in my lab environment. What do you guys think?

Also, in the same update I'm adding the code in to enable btrfs. Have you had any thoughts about what minimum kernel version you want btrfs tied to, for gluster 3.5? At the moment, I'm defaulting to enabling the option for a btrfs brick for systems that have 
glusterfs >= 3.5
a kernel >=3.6 
and have the btrfs-tools pkg installed. 



Paul Cuzner

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