[Gluster-devel] Error compiling git tree

Justin Clift jclift at redhat.com
Sat Mar 30 20:18:40 UTC 2013

On 29/03/2013, at 12:11 PM, Jeff Darcy wrote:
> Justin, Kaleb: there seems to be another (or perhaps underlying) problem
> with extras/LinuxRPM/Makefile.am.  It does a git clone but not a git
> checkout to release-3.4, even if the makefile itself is sitting in a 3.4
> checkout.  Leaving the cloned tree on master doesn't seem like the right
> thing for building 3.4 RPMs.

Good catch. :)

I'll keep out of this though, as Kaleb will probably completely fix this
in under 2 mins (when he gets to it).

+ Justin

Open Source and Standards @ Red Hat


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