[Gluster-devel] Hide Feature

Ian Latter ian.latter at midnightcode.org
Thu May 10 05:47:06 UTC 2012


  I have published an untested "hide" module (compiled 
against glusterfs-3.2.6); 

    A simple method for hiding an underlying directory 
    structure from parent/up-stream bricks within 
    GlusterFS.  In 2012 this code was spawned from 
    my incomplete 2009 dedupe brick code which used
    this method to protect its internal hash database
    from the user, above.


  I am serious when I mean untested - I've not even
loaded the module under Gluster, it simply compiles.

  Let me know if there are tweaks that should be made
or considered.


Ian Latter
Late night coder ..

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