[Gluster-devel] ZkFarmer

Ian Latter ian.latter at midnightcode.org
Tue May 8 05:21:37 UTC 2012

> No one node or set of nodes should hold the 
> cluster hostage. 

Agreed - this is fundamental.
> We are revisiting this situation now because we 
> want to scale to 1000s of nodes potentially. 

Good, I hate upper bounds on architectures :) 

Though I haven't tested my own implementation, 
I understand that one implementation of the 
discovery protocol that I've used, scaled to 
20,000 hosts across three sites in two countries;
this is the the type of robust outcome that can be
manipulated at the macro scale - i.e. without 
manipulating per-node details.

> Gluster CLI operations should not time out or 
> slow down.

This is critical - not just the CLI but also the 
storage interface (in a redundant environment); 
infrastructure wears and fails, thus failing 
infrastructure should be regarded as the norm/

> If ZK requires proprietary JRE for stability, 
> Java will be NO NO!. 


> My point is to keep things simple as we scale. 

I couldn't agree more. In that principle I ask that
each dependency on cluster knowledge be 
considered carefully with a minimalist approach.

Ian Latter
Late night coder ..

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