[Gluster-devel] afr_set_splitbrain is confusing

junqing.wang at cs2c.com.cn junqing.wang at cs2c.com.cn
Fri Aug 10 09:08:51 UTC 2012

hi, all
    When I was reading the function:
afr_set_split_brain (xlator_t *this, inode_t *inode, gf_boolean_t set)
   I found that  "set" in  function name and "set" as a bool parameter were quite confusing.

  So I tracked down to :
afr_inode_ctx_set_splitbrain (afr_inode_ctx_t *ctx, gf_boolean_t set) 
  After I read the code, I finally got it.

  Could we have other choices, what about add a unset function?

Best Regards.

Jules Wang.
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