[Gluster-devel] Problem with little write/read files in Gluster 3.0.0

Samuel Hassine samuel.hassine at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 23:08:51 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I have a problem here. I am using a gluster file system as a simple
distributed storage (one storage server and multiple clients). I want to
put php sessions inside this partition. 

In GlusterFS 2.0.9, it worked very well. PHP could write and read as
quickly as possible. But in 3.0.0, PHP successfully writes files but can
not read anything and freezes (juste after the writing). However, the
gluster partition remains available et readable. Juste the quick
write/read seems not to work.

As anyone already encountered this problem ?

Thanks for your help !

glusterfsd.vol :
volume posix1
  type storage/posix
  option directory /data

volume locks1
    type features/locks
    subvolumes posix1

volume brick1
    type performance/io-threads
    option thread-count 8
    subvolumes locks1

volume server-tcp
    type protocol/server
    option transport-type tcp
    option auth.addr.brick1.allow *
    option transport.socket.listen-port 6996
    option transport.socket.nodelay on
    subvolumes brick1

glusterfs.vol :
volume sys-zen-1
    type protocol/client
    option transport-type tcp
    option remote-host sys-zen
    option transport.socket.nodelay on
    option transport.remote-port 6996
    option remote-subvolume brick1

volume writebehind
    type performance/write-behind
    option cache-size 4MB
    subvolumes sys-zen-1

volume readahead
    type performance/read-ahead
    option page-count 4
    subvolumes writebehind

volume iocache
    type performance/io-cache
    option cache-size 1GB
    option cache-timeout 1
    subvolumes readahead

volume quickread
    type performance/quick-read
    option cache-timeout 1
    option max-file-size 64kB
    subvolumes iocache

volume statprefetch
    type performance/stat-prefetch
    subvolumes quickread

Best regards.

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