[Gluster-devel] Possible Performance Tweak for unfsd Users

Gordan Bobic gordan at bobich.net
Wed Jan 6 13:20:42 UTC 2010

I can't figure out why this might be the case, but it would appear that 
when unfsd is bound to a custom port and not registered with portmap, 
the performance is massively improved.

I changed my init.d/unfsd script as follows, in the start option:

- /usr/sbin/unfsd -i ${pidfile}
+ /usr/sbin/unfsd -e /etc/uexports -i ${pidfile} -m 12049 -n 12049 -p

cat /etc/uexports
/home ,insecure)

On the client side I am mounting with:

server:/home  /home  nfs 
0 0

All of the horrible latency and laggyness is completely gone! Could it 
be that it is unfsd's interraction with rpc/portmap/mountd that is the 
cause of a lot of the performance issues?

I only did this to improve the performance of my non-glfs exports by 
running knfsd for those, and only running unfsd for the glfs exports, 
but this speed boost is quite a boon. :)

Note: know for a fact that knfsd isn't exporting the glfs mounted /home 
because I'm not using the patched fuse kernel module that allows nfs 
exports, even if the fact that /home wasn't listed in /etc/exports 
wasn't enough (using /etc/uexports for unfsd, as per the startup option).

Can anybody confirm similar behaviour on their setup?


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