[Gluster-devel] error while reading from an open file

Vijay Bellur vijay at gluster.com
Wed Sep 2 04:00:06 UTC 2009

Brian Hirt wrote:

> I have a program that write()'s to a file, keeping the file open.  
> While this program is writing, restart the nodes one by one.  After 
> the nodes have been restarted no new data is written to the file.  
> However, the program doing the write() still gets the correct num 
> bytes returned by the system call and behaves as if everything is 
> working when it clearly isn't.
> Meanwhile, if I tail this same file on another client while I reboot 
> the nodes, I eventually get "tail: /gluster/m/test: File descriptor in 
> bad state"
Thanks for the observation and the inputs.

> However, it seems that there isn't much interest in fixing these types 
> of things.  I've spent some time reading back in the mail archives and 
> there seems to be a pattern of instability and silence on the part of 
> the developers.   This really isn't the way to make your project a 
> success and get advocates of your software.
Please note that we developers like *everybody* else are limited by the 
number of hours that we can put in a day. We do try our best to address 
the issues that everybody brings across to us. We are definitely 
interested in fixing any kind of problems that GlusterFS does have. We 
do look forward and appreciate your co-operation and patience in making 
it as stable as possible.

> Please advice on how I can help on these issues.
As we have been requesting on the mailing aliases, if you encounter an 
issue which you definitely consider is a bug, please file a bug at 
http://bugs.gluster.com. Providing the appropriate volume, log and as 
much a detailed description of the problem would definitely help us move 


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