[Gluster-devel] data sync problem with 2.0rc2 and rc4

Ben Mok benmok at powerallnetworks.com
Tue Mar 24 09:47:11 UTC 2009

Hi All,


I am using 2.0rc1 with distributed + replicated, following by
http://www.gluster.org/docs/index.php/Mixing_DHT_and_AFR , all data can be
synchronized by "ls -R" after down server node is up. That's cool, no need
to run self-heal script !! But I tested 2.0rc2 and rc4, data can't be sync
and some files can't be listed in client side after all server nodes are up.
I am using the same config files for testing all versions, do I need to
change something for rc2 and rc4? 

Thank you so much !



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