[Gluster-devel] Performance Translators' Stability and Usefulness

Gordan Bobic gordan at bobich.net
Sun Jul 5 17:09:01 UTC 2009

Geoff Kassel wrote:

> I've posted logs. I've posted configurations. I've tried to patch it (and a 
> number of other issues which would no doubt affect others) myself. I've had 
> my patches ignored because your team didn't like the presence of any comments 
> in the code.

That is actually a very important point. I looked at the code myself a 
few months ago when the major memory leak/fragmentation issue seemed to 
be downright ignored (fixed since then), and found it to be nearly 
impossible to follow due to a complete lack of any comments and terse 
variable naming.

> (Comments that are there so that automated code quality checking tools - which 
> you don't use, apparently - don't keep flagging the same issues over and over 
> again. For when you might want to check for the presence of any newly 
> introduced issues later, as you would in a real QA process.)

Not to mention that something like doxygen is very handy when it comes 
to keeping code and design notes together so that somebody who doesn't 
already have extensive experience of the code actually has a chance to 
follow what what is (supposed to be) going on.


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