[Gluster-devel] error while reading from an open file

Vijay Bellur vijay at gluster.com
Sun Aug 30 16:05:20 UTC 2009

Brian Hirt wrote:
> I'm running into some problems where one process is writing a log file 
> to a and another is reading from it.  The process reading the file is 
> not behaving as expected.
I am assuming you are using the distributed-replicate scenario that you 
mentioned in the previous mail. Can you please confirm if the file in 
the export
directory contains data that  you did not intend to create?

> I'm also continuing to get hundreds of the errors I mentioned in that 
> message with rsync.
> [2009-08-28 10:21:20] E [posix.c:1155:posix_chmod] posix: lstat on 
> /gluster/exports/redacted/.1218486082-01.jpg.nkOkw9 failed: No such 
> file or directory

These are usually to do with temporary files created during a rsync. 
These error messages would be benign in nature unless you notice a 
discrepancy between the original and rsync'd directories.


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