[Gluster-devel] [client-protocol.c:5678:client_forget_cbk] : fop not implemented

Anand Avati avati at gluster.com
Tue Aug 18 08:10:20 UTC 2009

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> I upgraded to the latest Git snapshot (HEAD 57a6cb9806ad9d99e) yesterday,
> related to the trusted.glustefs.location issue (see thread "xattrs and bug
> 9").
> Results of this upgrade were less than stellar. First, I couldn't find the
> trusted.glusterfs.location attribute on any files. How should it work?
> Today, a day after the upgrade, I noticed that several glusterfs processes
> had gone wild and consumed >20G of memory.
> Client logs repeat the following message:
> [2009-08-16 11:36:49] C [client-protocol.c:5678:client_forget_cbk] : fop not
> implemented

it looks like you have mixed some 2.0.x clients with a master branch server.

> [2009-08-16 11:36:49] E [socket.c:1052:socket_connect] log-transport:
> connection attempt failed (Connection refused)
> and the server logs contain 9G of the following messages:
> [2009-08-16 04:09:43] C [client-protocol.c:5678:client_forget_cbk] : fop not
> implemented
> [2009-08-16 04:12:24] E [saved-frames.c:165:saved_frames_unwind]
> log-transport: forced unwinding frame type(2) op(LOG)
> What's your policy with the git HEAD? Is it supposed to be suitable for
> normal, non mission-critical, usage at all times?
> Please find my volume file below.

looks like you have used the master branch. This is undergoing heavy
development and we do not recommend any kind of usage from the current
mainline for atleast another 2-3 weeks. Please use release-2.0 branch
(as indicated in the download page). The trusted.glusterfs.location is
not backported into release-2.0 and we will be doing it for 2.0.7.

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