[Gluster-devel] Minor feature request, other comments on 1.4 branch

Amar Tumballi (bulde) amar at gluster.com
Wed Sep 10 15:06:45 UTC 2008


Ok, I will try to add those option support for [no]suid, [no]dev.

> 1.4 has been behaving rather well.  The temporary backport of afr restored
> write performance nicely, although I guess more recent patches have slowed
> things back down, again.  Also, it does still have the "cp -a"/"cp -pr"
> directory permissions issue, which seems to be related to the lack of true
> ACL support.  Has someone been looking into what it would take to implement
> ACLs properly (or at least to just fix the buglet)?


This thread in fuse-devel mailing list discusses the problem of ACL. I did
lot of research with out result inside glusterfs, seems to me like fuse

> Also, how is the "hash" translator coming? If it's hit a few snags and will
> still be awhile, would you care to share any interesting tidbits of what we
> can expect when it's released (advantages vs. unify, performance figures or
> impressions, etc.)?

Avati got busy with some other tasks recently, hence it was stalled. Its
still in his development tree, soon (a week?) it should be added to repo.


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