[Gluster-devel] Minor feature request, other comments on 1.4 branch

Brent A Nelson brent at phys.ufl.edu
Wed Sep 10 13:19:10 UTC 2008

I mentioned previously that GlusterFS is currently mounting with FUSE 
default options, which now include nosuid and nodev.  I've since been 
hacking xlators/mount/fuse/src/fuse-bridge.c to add "-o suid" and "-o dev" 
to the mount options, which works fine, but I think it would be generally 
useful if a small patch could be added to the repository to add proper 
[no]suid and [no]dev mount option processing.

1.4 has been behaving rather well.  The temporary backport of afr restored 
write performance nicely, although I guess more recent patches have slowed 
things back down, again.  Also, it does still have the "cp -a"/"cp -pr" 
directory permissions issue, which seems to be related to the lack of true 
ACL support.  Has someone been looking into what it would take to 
implement ACLs properly (or at least to just fix the buglet)?

Also, how is the "hash" translator coming? If it's hit a few snags and 
will still be awhile, would you care to share any interesting tidbits of 
what we can expect when it's released (advantages vs. unify, 
performance figures or impressions, etc.)?



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