[Gluster-devel] Too many open files

Jernej Kos kostko at unimatrix-one.org
Fri Mar 21 14:38:54 UTC 2008


it appears to be working just fine with the raised max fd limit :)

Best regards,
Jernej Kos.

On Thursday 20 of March 2008, Jernej Kos wrote:
> Hi,
> fds point only to files. A nightly rsync might have triggered the issue
> (there are hundreds of thousands of small files - 50kb on average - in one
> directory on the mounted volume), but I am now monitoring file descriptor
> usage and at the moment it seems to be holding at around 800. It rises up
> to 900 and then drops back to 800, but overall it seems to be slowly
> increasing.
> This is the server glusterfs process and it happens on all nodes
> simultaneously.
> Best regards,
> Jernej Kos.
Jernej Kos <kostko at unimatrix-one.org>

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