[Gluster-devel] Qmail Cluster with Gluster and Maildir

Joey Novak joey.novak at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 21:34:22 UTC 2008

Hi Guys,

  We are exploring the possibility of using Gluster in a High Availability
Qmail Cluster.  Currently we use NFS to connect 5 qmail nodes to a single
NFS server where the mail is stored.  This setup works GREAT for us without
any problems.  (Except that the NFS server clunks out every week or so for
an unknown reason...)

  We want to move to Gluster and an AFR brick to give us a HA cluster.  How
does gluster do with LOTS and LOTS of small files (140GB of files with an
average size of 35k?)  My guess is that if it works with NFS it will work
with Gluster, what about when one brick in the AFR goes down?  Does gluster
timeout quickly and resume operations with just one node?

  Thanks guys,



C) 803-409-9969
W) 757-233-0834

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