[Gluster-devel] Multiple independent glusterfs daemons on the same host? Using vservers?

Anand Avati avati at zresearch.com
Thu Mar 6 05:34:42 UTC 2008

> So the question is, what makes this
> different from running two instances on different
> ports?  What kind of check is being done in glusterfsd
> and what are the reasons that this should be
> prevented?

you can run multiple glusterfsd instances on the same machine. the PID file
is only a mechanism which helps you write init.d scripts neatly. things you
need to take care -

1. if you are specifying pidfile, do not specify the same path for multiple
2. do not export the same backend directory with different glusterfsd
3. take care to see to that both do not try to bind to the same tcp port

apart from that, the two daemons are oblivious to each other and they can
have same volume names defined as well.

Lastly, while I was able to make things work withing a
> vserver, I was only able to mount the client
> filesystem inside the same vserver from which it was
> exported, not on the host.  On the host when trying to
> mount the fs exported from within a guest I get:
> 2008-03-05 13:28:53 E
> [protocol.c:253:gf_block_unserialize_transport]
> client: EOF from peer (
> 2008-03-05 13:28:53 C [tcp.c:81:tcp_disconnect]
> client: connection disconnected

are they both using the exact same version? (to the patchset level)


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