[Gluster-devel] Two AFR translators accessing the same subvolumes?

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 5 01:22:12 UTC 2008

Is it supposed to be OK to access the same subvolumes
from two different AFR translators?

   /    \
   |    |
   A    B
   |    |
   \    /

I set this up locally so that A & B are local
subvolumes to one server and AFR1 and AFR2 run on the
same server and are "exported", and I mount AFR1 and
AFR2 on two different mount points (also actually on
the same machine).  

When I test this setup, I see weird behavior if I
rename a directory on the mount point for AFR1 and ls
it on the mount point for AFR2:  the directory is
renamed, but the attributes seem all messed up.  An ls

?--------- ? ?    ?        ?            ?

Is this a bug, or should I just never try this? ;)

I can understand if this just shouldn't be done, but
it seems like this AFR wiki page suggests that a
similar idea should be workable:


The scenario on that page is much more complex and
involves multiple hosts, but I think that essentially
the same thing should happen?

Thanks for any insights,


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