[Gluster-devel] GlusterFS unify mountpoint, if one of the bricks offline

NovA av.nova at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 20:18:55 UTC 2008


It seems, that the problem is related to a thread xlator on a client
side. I've removed all thread translators (from client and server) and
the error "[fuse-bridge.c:436:fuse_entry_cbk]" has gone from glusterFS
client logs...


2008/2/29, NovA <av.nova at gmail.com>:
>  As it turned out, the situation described in my previous post also
>  observed when every brick is online. :/
>  Just in case, here it is more complete description of my config... I
>  use glusterFS to provide shared storage for compute cluster (22
>  compute nodes + 1 head). Each cluster node export it's local disk, and
>  each mounts GlusterFS. But it's little asymmetric: head node mounts
>  unify-ALU, compute nodes unify-NUFA. Exact specs:
>  head node (with namespace): http://glusterfs.pastebin.com/m362afd23
>  compute nodes: http://glusterfs.pastebin.com/m54f3ad75
>  2008/2/29, NovA <av.nova at gmail.com>:
> >  The error like "[fuse-bridge.c:436:fuse_entry_cbk] glusterfs-fuse:
>  >  264935: / => -1 (116)" appears whenever I touch any glusterFS subdirs.
>  >  For example, each of the following commands
>  >  cd /home;  cd Shared;  cd tmp
>  >  results in the error mentioned. Note, that it always refers to the
>  >  '/'. Despite the error the commands works as expected, but with
>  >  noticeable lag.

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