[Gluster-devel] File error

Ben Mok benmok at powerallnetworks.com
Tue Jun 17 04:42:15 UTC 2008



I created one 1G file by dd from client side for testing last week and the
file is allocated at two storage nodes with AFR. Today, I got the error
message when I run self-heal. I did Md5sum the file on both server side is
no problem, but it show input/output error on client side. Do you know what
happen? What can I do to recover the file?  All nodes are using
glusterfs-1.3.9. , Thank you !!




Error message on client side:

head: cannot open `/mnt/gluster/large/file6.img' for reading: Input/output


Server log:

2008-06-17 12:19:54 D [lock.c:137:__mop_lock_impl] lock: Lock request to
/501/large/file6.img queued


Client log:

2008-06-17 12:19:48 D [fuse-bridge.c:520:fuse_lookup] glusterfs-fuse: 59901:
LOOKUP /large/file6.img(4588120)

2008-06-17 12:19:48 D [fuse-bridge.c:375:fuse_entry_cbk] glusterfs-fuse:
59901: (34) /large/file6.img => 4588120

2008-06-17 12:19:48 D [fuse-bridge.c:1517:fuse_open] glusterfs-fuse: 59902:
OPEN /large/file6.img

2008-06-17 12:20:28 E [afr.c:1909:afr_selfheal_lock_cbk] afr1:
(path=/large/file6.img child=501) op_ret=-1 op_errno=107

2008-06-17 12:20:28 E [fuse-bridge.c:692:fuse_fd_cbk] glusterfs-fuse: 59902:
(12) /large/file6.img => -1 (5)

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