[Gluster-devel] glusterfs_1.4.0qa19: small issues

Brent A Nelson brent at phys.ufl.edu
Tue Jun 10 23:37:14 UTC 2008

On Tue, 10 Jun 2008, Brent A Nelson wrote:

> On Tue, 10 Jun 2008, Brent A Nelson wrote:
>> Okay, that's fixed, along with the removexattr issue.  Another couple of 
>> quirks; cp -a /usr/bin /gluster/bin makes a perfect copy, except:
>> 1) /gluster/bin itself doesn't preserve the correct permissions (rsync 
>> succeeds, though, and a cp -a to /tmp also works fine, so it's not a 
>> problem with cp); the contents are all fine, except:
>> 2) /gluster/bin/sudoedit did not have the setuid bit set (this fails with 
>> rsync, too, but a manual chmod u+s succeeds).
> I tortured my GlusterFS pretty heavily today.  Apart from the issues above, 
> it held up perfectly for repeated rsync/rm cycles.
> I noticed that when doing a large (10GB ) dd write on a client, if the write 
> was going to the client node (which is also a server), ls would hang for long 
> periods on that client.  So, I figured it was time to load up io-threads 
> (just 2 threads per export) on the servers to split up the metadata and io 
> traffic.  It worked beautifully; ls -al was very responsive on all clients, 
> even with heavy write activity.
> However, I noticed that with io-threads loaded, the server processes would 
> sometimes consume several GB of RAM (up to 2.2GB).  I didn't worry about it 
> too much, as it generally would free the memory back.  I did more exhaustive 
> testing, with all 4 servers acting as clients, all 4 doing dd writes, and it 
> worked fine for awhile.  Eventually, however, one of my nodes ran out of 
> memory; perhaps that extra io-threads memory consumption is an issue after 
> all.
> Also, when the node ran out of memory, my other GlusterFS clients hung. As 
> someone mentioned previously, GlusterFS apparently doesn't give up properly 
> if the unresponsive machine is still up.  After rebooting the hung node (but 
> not yet restarting the server processes), the clients gave up on the node and 
> became responsive again.

Apparently, the clients can get large, too.  One of them is ~2.9 GB. 
Also, selfheal fixed some but not all of the files.



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