[Pkg-glusterfs-devel] [Gluster-devel] GlusterFS 1.3.10 Release Announcement

Neil Wilson neil at aldur.co.uk
Fri Jul 18 11:01:57 UTC 2008

2008/7/18 Christian Meder <chris at absolutegiganten.org>:
> Ok, that's the easy part as I'm already a Debian developer. I'll just
> upload it to the NEW queue after review ;-)
> It'll take some time to get out of the NEW queue but usually not more
> than 10 days.

You are now officially my new best friend :-)

The one thing that is missing from the current package is a 'status'
response from the init script. However I don't think that the LSB
stuff has been updated in Debian yet, so I was going to leave that for
the moment.

>> On the Ubuntu side there needs to be lobbying in the IRC #ubuntu-motu
>> channel (politely), asking if anybody is available to review bug
>> 246715. If anybody has any contacts with ubuntu developers directly,
>> then an email to them would be appreciated.
> Sorry, that's the part where I can't help.

You already have because once the package goes into Debian, I can get
it synced straight into Ubuntu - cutting out all the lobbying stuff.

Great stuff.

Neil Wilson

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