[Gluster-devel] Direct IO and Async IO

Gareth Bult gareth at encryptec.net
Tue Jan 29 22:12:25 UTC 2008


I'm trying to get XEN instances to run on Gluster .. and they run on the "file:" driver no problems at all. 

However I'm being recommended the "tap:aio" driver as the "file:" driver has many problems with regards to flushing and data loss. 

It does appear however that aio:tap does not get on (at all) with Gluster. 

The requirements appear to be Direct IO and Async transfers ... can anyone think of a reason why the XEN driver might not want to talk to Gluster? 
(apparently it works fine on other network filesystems such as NFS) 

(I've tried mounting the glusterfs with Direct IO enabled and disabled, but it makes no difference ...) 

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