[Gluster-devel] Building RPMs for OpenSuSE 10.3 for TLA version of GlusterFS

Paolo Agazzone aga at intercom.it
Tue Jan 15 10:18:14 UTC 2008

Hello all,

To make OpenSuSE 10.3 rpms I did the following:

$ tla get -A gluster at sv.gnu.org glusterfs--mainline--2.5 glusterfs-1.3.8
$ cd glusterfs-1.3.8
$ ./autogen.sh
$ cd ..

I had to make an extra file to be able to make /etc/init.d/ scripts and links 
in the OpenSuSE style, and copy it in the glusterfs-1.3.8 dir:

$ cp -a opensuseextras/* glusterfs-1.3.8
$ tar -czvf gluster-1.3.8.tar.gz glusterfs-1.3.8

I had to edit the glusterfs.spec to let it build correctly on OpenSuSE. I 
renamed it to glusterfs-opensuse.spec.

Moreover on the DVD distribution for opensuse there is not fuse-devel package. 
I had to get it from the online repositories. I put it in /root/rpm, but you 
can place it everywhere.


$ build --root /storage/sda2/buildroot --rpms /media/dvd/suse:/root/rpm --arch 
x86_64 glusterfs-opensuse.spec --release 2

On the above command you should vary option in relation to your architecture 
and place where you want to build everything.

In my case, I found complete RPMs in:

You can find my glusterfs-opensuse.spec and the extras here:


Hope this helps.

Paolo Agazzone               aga at intercom.it    http://blog.agazzone.it/
Linux Reg. User: #205873            Vaprio d'Agogna (NO) - Italy

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