[Gluster-devel] Casual inquiry

Amar S. Tumballi amar at zresearch.com
Sat Aug 9 00:15:47 UTC 2008

Hi Brandon,
 Replies Inline.

> I was just reviewing the roadmap again after months and thought I
> would ask if there was any kind of idea on a time frame for the
> following 1.4 features
> storage/bdb - distributed BerkeleyDB based storage backend (very
> efficient for small files)

Working code base is in archive, available in QA releases. Though more
testing is happening on it (BDB comes with *lots* of options)).

> binary protocol  - bit level protocol headers (huge improvement in
> performance for small files)

Working code base is in archive, available in QA releases, protocol has
tested well, and there are no outstanding bugs.

> AFR atomic writes - handle total power-loss, split-brains,.. (bullet-proof
> AFR)

Coding freeze done, (still at Krishna's tree, not yet merged to mainline, he
is testing preliminary test cases), should be added to mainline within a

> And I was wondering what this was or did
> hash - hash based clustering with no name-space cache (linear scalability
> even for small files)
> Is hash some internal thing or is this a translator or something?

Hash will be bought in as a new translator,  it will avoid the complexity of
namespace cache. Hence the meta operations over GlusterFS will not choke at
namespace node. (Even create rate will be very high). It will reduce the
total number of calls made by the filesystem. Hence theoretically solve the
issues for small file performance.

Status: still in development, final stages (in Avati's tree). Should be
merged to mainline ~Aug 15-20.


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