[Gluster-devel] Strange inconsistencies (No such file or directory)

Brian Taber btaber at diversecg.com
Thu Oct 25 14:13:27 UTC 2007

None of those are symlinks at all...  There is settings in Dovecot to use
harlinks to maintain names, but that option is turned off...  still same
issue, I think Dovecot might be using a symlink temporairily when moving
the messages from the new folder to the cur folder.  In IMAP messages that
arrive go into /mail/mydomain.com/webmaster/new/ and then the mail server
moves them into /mail/mydomain.com/webmaster/cur/ once you check for new
messages...  This issue only happens when I check email from one server
and it moves it into the cur folder....  that is when the other server can
not access it unless I restart glusterfs on the client having the access

> Brian Taber wrote:
>> the issue is not happening with postfix, but with dovecot, the IMAP
>> server.  this is the error:
>> Oct 22 10:37:16 anubis dovecot: IMAP(webmaster at mydomain.com): Maildir:
>> Symlink destination doesn't exist:
>> /mail/mydomain.com/webmaster/cur/1193063804.V19Iffa3eaM734452.anubis.mydomain.com:2,
>> that is on the same server as postfix (1).  whats strange is that file
>> is
>> not a symlink af far as I can see.  The other mail server (webmail, 2)
>> can
>> access that exact file no problem, I even checked the glusterfs server,
>> that file exists in the data folder and in the namespace folder.  If I
>> try
>> to access that file manually with cat on server 1, I get permission
>> denied, no other errors in logs.  The only way to finally get access on
>> server 1 is to unmount the glusterfs share and remount it.
> That's because the files are hard links (if linked), not symlinks.  I
> have a suspicion that the problem is linked to a symlink farther down in
> the path.  Are /mail, /mail/mydomain.com or /mail/mydomain.com/webmaster
> symlinks?  That might shed some light on what the error is really saying.
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> -Kevan Benson
> -A-1 Networks

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