[Gluster-devel] performance improvements

Kevan Benson kbenson at a-1networks.com
Wed Oct 24 17:32:01 UTC 2007

Hans Einar Gautun wrote:
>> Separate network connections to each AFR subvoume.  VLAN your switches 
>> and implement separate logical networks for each connection to the AFR 
>> subvolumes using secondary (or even tertiary) nics in each client.  You 
>> can effectively double or triple your throughput while increasing 
>> redundancy.
> Kevan:
> Is this better than bonding - or equal?
> Jumbo frames are also good for speed and lowering the server and switch
> load.

I would imagine equal for pure bandwidth capability, but if you use 
separate networks you have the added benefit of being able to use 
separate switches to increase redundancy, as well as being able to buy 
cheaper switches that don't need a high end backplane (or to support 
features such as bonding).  you can also just put more nics in if you 
have more servers.

But hey, if you've got the money to sare, you can always do both.  ;)


-Kevan Benson
-A-1 Networks

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