[Gluster-devel] posix-locks problem

Vincent Régnard vregnard at tbs-internet.com
Fri Oct 19 13:31:15 UTC 2007

Anand Avati a écrit :
> Kevan,
>  I just submitted a patch to fuse-devel which adds flock() support to fuse.
> You could either wait for the next fuse release, or install glusterfs's
> patched fuse (2.7.0-glfs3) which has that patch included.
> thanks,
> avati

I run a small application that uses flock on a clustereds FS (glusterfs
1.3.7 with fuse 2.7.0-glfs5), it clearly shows that flock locking is not
working in that situation. Are you sure flock trouble has been solved ?

> 2007/8/7, Kevan Benson <kbenson at a-1networks.com>:
>> Any consensus on whether flock support is planned for the future?  I seem
>> to
>> remember reading somewhere in the documentation that a native glusterfs
>> client was being considered at some point in the future, which could make
>> this feasible.
>> On Monday 06 August 2007 09:27, Amar S. Tumballi wrote:
>>> Thanks for pointing out the mistakes in wiki.. just corrected it.
>>> -amar
>>> On 8/6/07, Kevan Benson <kbenson at a-1networks.com> wrote:
>>>> On Sunday 05 August 2007 23:28, Vikas Gorur wrote:
>>>>> What you're trying to do is use flock(2) locks. flock(2) locks are
>> not
>>>>> supported by FUSE. The lock requests will be handled by the kernel
>>>>> itself and never reach FUSE, let alone GlusterFS.
>>>>> The posix-locks translator implements the fcntl(2) locking API.
>>>>> fcntl(2) allows for more fine-grained locking, as it supports
>> locking
>>>>> of particular regions inside a file --- whereas flock(2) locks are
>> on
>>>>> the entire file.
>>>>> flock(2) and fcntl(2) locks can co-exist on Linux. There is
>> absolutely
>>>>> no interaction between them.
>>>>> In summary, if you want distributed file locks, you should use the
>>>>> fcntl(2) API, not flock(2).
>>>> Thanks.  Does that mean the the part of the FAQ that mentions flock
>> along
>>>> with
>>>> fcntl is incorrect, or just mentioning a feature not supported _yet_?

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