[Gluster-devel] self heal makes client loop indefinately

Krishna Srinivas krishna at zresearch.com
Thu Oct 18 11:20:31 UTC 2007

On 10/18/07, Vincent Régnard <vregnard at tbs-internet.com> wrote:
> Vincent Régnard a écrit :
> > Vincent Régnard a écrit :
> >> NB: the directory where mismatch are found has a large number of files
> >> (a few tens of thouthands). When I ls in that directory (on glusterfs
> >> mount point); it takes ages to return the answer. There are also many
> >> symlinks in that directory (about 20%).
> >> I saw a stat-prefetch translator that I dont have presently, can this
> >> help in that situation ? Is it a post 1.3.5 functionality ? (1.3.6?)
> >>
> >
> > Upgrading to 1.3.6 avoid loadaverage increase. But behaviour is the
> > same, client loops indefinitely the same way, same log messages. And
> > doing a ls on /mnt/glusterfs mount point hangs also indefinitely, a kill
> > -9 on ls does nothing, pocess is uninterruptible.
> >
> Probleme seams to be I was mounting the GFS volume on a mount point on a
> file system not having extended attributes. Mounting the volume on a
> mouint point where extended_attrs is available seams to work better.
> Should'nt we encounter at least a warning when doing such a bad operation ?

Noted, we'll add the check and warn. Let us know if you face any problem again.

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