[Gluster-devel] Re: glusterfs with existing data files

Anand Avati avati at zresearch.com
Wed Oct 10 16:57:20 UTC 2007

 If you have just one server with data, then, yes, you can build a
'clustered fs around it' by starting with an empty namespace and adding
empty extra subvolumes along with this server as one of the subvolumes of


On 10/10/07, Dick DiRisio <dick at dasdi.com> wrote:
>  On the
> http://www.gluster.org/docs/index.php/Understanding_Unify_Translator  page
> it says;
> "If one starts with an empty namespace export, but has data in storage
> nodes, a 'find .>/dev/null' or 'ls -lR >/dev/null' should help to build
> namespace in one shot. Even otherwise, namespace is built on demand when a
> file is looked up for the first time."
> Does this imply that I can build up a cluster of bricks using filesystems
> that have pre-existing data AND be able to keep that data intact after the
> cluster is configured?
> Rgds

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