[Gluster-devel] a union to two stripes to fourteen mirrors...

Jerker Nyberg jerker at Update.UU.SE
Tue Nov 20 21:07:59 UTC 2007

On Tue, 20 Nov 2007, Kevan Benson wrote:

> I don't think the developers would ever consider a situation where glusterfsd 
> dies acceptable, so I'm sure they would want info on why it dies.

I will try to reproduce it with a fresh checkout from the repository when 
I have the time. But I need to spend time on some other projects this 

> I can't seem to correlate your spec files with the layout you gave a above.

True. I just did a single stripe in clients to server based afr. The plan 
was to use two of them and a unify on top. But the single stripe didn't 

I havn't tried the full config yet.

Jerker Nyberg.

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