[Gluster-devel] a union to two stripes to fourteen mirrors...

Kevan Benson kbenson at a-1networks.com
Tue Nov 20 18:13:01 UTC 2007

Jerker Nyberg wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying out different configurations of GlusterFS. I have 7 nodes 
> each with two 320 GB disks where 300 GB om each disk is for the 
> distributed file system.
> Each node is called N. Every file system is on the server side mirrored 
> to the other disk on the next node, wrapped around so that the last node 
> mirrors its disk to the first. invented. The real config is included in 
> the end of this mail.
> Pseudodefinitions:
> fs(1) = a file system on the first disk
> fs(2) = a file system on the second disk
> n(I, fs(J)) = the fs J on node I
> afr(N .. M) = mirror the volumes
> stripe(N .. M) = stripe the volumes
> Server:
> Forw(N) = afr(fs(1), node(N+1, fs(2))
> Back(N) = afr(fs(2), node(N-1, fs(1))
> Client:
> FStr(N .. M) = stripe(n(N, Forw(N)) .. n(N+i, Forw(N+1)) .. n(M, Forw(M)))
> BStr(N .. M) = stripe(n(N, Back(N)) .. n(N+i, Back(N+1)) .. n(M, Back(M)))
> mount /glusterfs = union(FStr(1 .. 7), BStr(1..7))
> The goal was to get good performance but also redundancy. But this setup 
> will not will it? The stripes will not work when a part of is gone and 
> the union will not not magically find the other part of a file on the 
> other stripe? And where to put the union namespace for good performance?
> But my major question is this: I tried to stripe a single stripe (not 
> using union on the client, just striping on the servers which in turn 
> mirrored) When rsync'ing in data on it on a single server things worked 
> fine, but when I put some load on it from the other nodes (dd'ing in and 
> out some large files) the glusterfsd's on the first server died... Do 
> you want me to check this up more and try to reproduce and narrow down 
> the problem, or is this kind of setup in general not a good idea?

I don't think the developers would ever consider a situation where 
glusterfsd dies acceptable, so I'm sure they would want info on why it dies.

I can't seem to correlate your spec files with the layout you gave a 
above.  My understanding of your spec files makes it look like this to me:


Forw(N) = afr(fs(1), node(N+1, fs(2))


FStr(N .. M) = stripe(n(1, Forw(1)) .. n(N, Forw(N)))

In either case you have a problem if you are looking for high 
availability, as the loss of any single node will reduce the cluster to 
an unusable state (unless striping does some stuff I don't know about). 
  Since each AFR is defined on the main node itself, the client doesn't 
know it's actually putting files on node N and N+1, it's only talking to 
N.  If N dies, the client has no way of knowing it can still read and 
write from the other AFR member, N+1.  Moving the AFR config to the 
client would fix this.

Maybe that's why you had the Back(N) stuff, but I'm not sure I 
understand what you were trying to say with that...  Were you trying to 
define the same afr share through two different servers with two 
different (but equivalent) configs?


-Kevan Benson
-A-1 Networks

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