[Gluster-devel] Status of new features in 1.4

Székelyi Szabolcs cc at avaxio.hu
Thu Nov 1 20:47:29 UTC 2007

Szalai Ferenc wrote:
> Does it mean that the planed features like, afr load-balance does not
> available in the TLA repo yet?
> Is there any document about design (draft is also good) of the new
> features?

Maybe a brief explanation of the situation would be useful here. My
college Ferenc and me are working on a project in that we would *really*
need afr load-balancing. If any design plans would be available for this
feature, we could start implementing it (contributing the code back to
GlusterFS, of course).

If no such plan exists, is it possible to make one? We *need* that
feature amongst all circumstances, so we will implement it anyway. But
if we can, we would like to do it according to your plans, so you can
use our code instead of starting from scratch. We would like to avoid
senseless duplication of efforts.


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