[Gluster-devel] copying small files to glusterfs is slow

Trung Le Thanh trung_bmt at yahoo.com
Mon May 28 05:19:42 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I am new to glusterfs. During the last week I did some
testing and found that glusterfs took quite a long
time to deal with small files.

My configuration: 
3 server, 1 clien linked by a 100Mbps switch
Centos 5
Glusterfs 1.2.3
Fuse 2.6.5
The server and client vol files are the same as in the

The speed of copying 5kb files is:    ~2000kbit/s
The speed of copying 50kb files is:  ~10000kbit/s
The speed of copying 300kb files is: ~40000kbit/s
The speed of copying 600kb files is: ~70000kbit/s
The speed of copying 1MB files is:   ~85000kbit/s 

The above values are average speed resulted from
copying 4000 files of each size.

I also tested with different sizes of the aggregate
value of write-behind and I saw no improvement when
dealing with small files. Can anyone help me on this?

Thank you very much
Best regards,

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