[Gluster-devel] Some problems reproduced (strace, test code etc.)

Harris Landgarten harrisl at lhjonline.com
Sun May 27 23:50:21 UTC 2007

I compiled the fuse.ko that came with the fuse-2.6.3 tarball. I replaced vermagic=2.6.16-xenU SMP 686 gcc-4.1 with vermagic=2.6.16-xenU SMP 686 gcc-4.0 using sed:

sed -e 's/vermagic=2.6.16-xenU SMP 686 gcc-4.1/vermagic=2.6.16-xenU SMP 686 gcc-4.0/' fuse.ko fuse1.ko

This enabled the new module to load on my AMIs. As far as a know, 4.1 was a replacement for 4.0 without api changes and was never slotted in gentoo. I haven't seen any issues. The find /mnt/gluster/folder -type f -exec head -n1 {} \; test still fails but I got further (98,000 files) before the no file found errors and the same sort of errors in the files I already posted. 

If anyone wants this module, let me know. I can also try a custom patched fuse module so long as it works with 2.6.16


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> For those of use running glusterfs on Amazon EC2 AMIs, any custom fuse.ko would have to be supplied precompiled with the same compiler Amazon used to compile the Xen kernel we are running or it wouldn't load.

it will only be a custom fuse source tarball. definitely not any kind of binary.

Anand V. Avati

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