[Gluster-devel] Roadmap and support questions.

Hitesh hitesh at zresearch.com
Thu May 17 18:25:49 UTC 2007

Hi Francisco,
Please see my response in-line, also, if is ok with you, I would like to 
keep e-mails and discussions of commercial nature separate from the 
developer forum so please feel free to write to me directly....apologies 
for the support e-mail issue, it should be fixed soon and thanks for 
bringing it to our attention.

Is there a # where I can reach you?


Francisco Reyes wrote:
> Hitesh writes:
>> Gluster is a complete clustering stack comprising of components that 
>> address building of Clustered File Storage (GlusterFS)
> .....
>> The business model is akin to the Red Hat business model where the 
>> customer pays enterprise class support. We also provide full blown 
>> professional services around GlusterFS
> Thanks much for your post.
> My employer is interested in seeing gluster working in FreeBSD.
> Based on some other feedback on the list that is not right now a 
> priority and this is why I initially tried to send email to 
> support at zresearch.com. There was some issues with the mailing list for 
> support at zresearch.com, but I believe Anand Avati wrote to say that he 
> was going to look into it.
> Anand Avati also wrote in another email that some help was needed to 
> get the FreeBSD compatibility going since you did not have any FreeBSD 
> machines. He basically wrote that if issues were reported they could 
> be looked at.
> Attila Nagy posted shortly after Anand's post that he could give 
> access to the Gluster development team to FreeBSD machines. He already 
> did a great start in trying to debug the issues. He even gave some 
> suggestions on code changes to make the code more portable.
> My questions are:
> 1- Can FreeBSD be placed in the roadmap? That way anyone hoping to see 
> glusterfs working in FreeBSD have an idea what to expect.
FreeBSD is not on a the roadmap currently and thus support will be 
offered when other higher priority tasks are completed(the priority is 
based on market research and feedback from customers in the markets we 
are focussed on).
> 2- What kind of commercial support can we get for GlusterFS?
If we do decide to take on dollars to accelerate support for FreeBSD, 
the dollars needed would be used to address the following areas - 
Infrastructure needed to implement FreeBSD (we could take up Atilla on 
this so it will then be a moot point), Manhours (one-time charge) and 
ongoing enterprise support (which would be M-F / 8-5 over e-mail and phone).
> 3- Would getting commercial support for glusterfs help increase the 
> FreeBSD priority in the roadmap?
We will have to discuss this internally and will get back to you in a 
few days, just to reiterate, all the code will remain under GPL and we 
will be happy to help you under the developer forum at the current pace 
and level should things not work out on the commercial front.

Hitesh Chellani
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